Aura Illustration and Reading

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Aura Illustration and Reading


aura illustration and readingPresenting Aura Illustration & Reading by Kay Arwen, founder of KaiAmea.

Kay provides a comprehensive study of your own energy field and a channeled interpretation of the significance of its colours. A great guide to your present life and how you can seek to become more complete and in balance.

This can be completed absently should you wish.

What is aura illustration?
Having your aura illustrated is like looking in a mirror, but rather than seeing your physical body you see a reflection of your energies. Energy vibrates as colour and sound, hence the energy of your actions, emotions and thoughts extend into your energy field or aura as these vibrations. Your energy field contains the colours of every action thought and feeling that you have experienced, right from when you were born. This is an awful lot of colour!

What does aura illustration do?
An aura illustration will identify the blocks of colour that reside within your energy field rather than the colours that are moving swiftly. Blocks of colour show stagnant energy or energy that you are holding onto and struggling to process. These indicate emotions, thoughts or events that you have perhaps buried deep within yourself, or hurt that you have not balanced correctly and on a level, even if you do not consciously think about these during your waking hours, are draining your energy field and like a heavy burden are weighing you down.

Identifying these energies serves as a self development tool, giving you the insight into yourself and highlighting what you need to work with and how. An interpretation of the drawing will accompany the illustration giving you great insight into its meaning and ways that you can help yourself to process or move the blocks, thus it can be a very empowering experience.

How is aura illustration individual to me?
All that is needed is you full name and your aura can be drawn. This is done without you being present; as the aura is drawn the interpretation is recorded for you. This is very individual as it is your energy field and no one else’s! The recording will last approximately thirty minutes. Should you want to go over anything after listening to the interpretation, then help or advice is available.

What can it help?
Essentially working from an energy point of view – everything is energy. So identifying blocks within your aura and subsequently working to re-balance these can enable your energy field to flow and be more efficient. This serves both as a self development tool giving you greater insight into yourself and your life and in addition give the “physical body” (that is, the physical form, the emotions and mental state) the opportunity to balance and optimise its efficiency.

How often do I need my aura drawing?
You can have your aura drawn as often as you like, but most people leave a minimum six month gap to give themselves the opportunity to work through the information and awareness provided from a session. Having your aura drawn again will then highlight the next layer that needs to be worked in order for you to balance and get back on track, whatever it is that you feel you need. Sometimes in our lives we feel that we know something needs to be done, but are unclear as to what, or have the sense of feeling stuck, unable to see the wood for the trees, or feel caught in a cycle that we are unable to break. Working with your aura and aura illustrations gives you the insight and doorway for change.

How do I get my aura illustration and interpretation?
After receiving payment through the post your aura drawing will be sent out to you.

Consultancy with Kay Arwen (KaiAmea).

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